Jini Harriet's second birthday!

This is the most fun activity we have, Daddy is so funny. we play bato bato batotoy! we also play mingaw nga payag, buntis nga opaw, and buntis nga tiki. A lot of games Mommy and Daddy did many funny things after our lessons. We ate delicious refreshment afterwards.

We set aside Monday nights (or another day of your choosing) as Family Home Evening and to theme these evenings around the beautiful concept of JOY. Our activity focuses with us as children on one particular and specific kind of joy each month.

Our families find that Monday nights work best since there seems to be less school, community, and church events scheduled than on other nights. Other families find that Sundays work best. The only real requirements for a good Family Home Evening are that family members are together, that they have fun, and that they communicate. A good Family Home Evening can be anything from playing a game together to going out together for dinner or desert. What makes it work is commitment to be there and to avoid other events or obligations one night each week.

Family Home Evening are also enhanced if some kind of family learning or character development goes on together.


Our scripture studies previously was every early morning. We wake up early than Mom and Dad, and all of us sneak to thier room and wake them up for our early morning studies. We have routine on who will conduct, chorister, opening/closing prayer and of course Daddy will give the reading and lessons. In every stories my Dad have read, we shared what was the lessons we can get from the story/scripture read.

Now, we normally do it in the evening because of our school rush in the morning of 5:30am.

Jens Holly is the leader in our group prayer, she assigns who gonna pray before going to school and during the night. Me as their Ate assigns who gonna pray for our meal.

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